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Your donation helps the Inter-Monastery Alliance to promote and encourage cooperation and solidarity between monasteries. It contributes to the human, cultural and spiritual formation of communities and supports the exchange of ideas and experiences. We thank you for your contribution to support all of our actions.

Support our missions


Alliance InterMonastères

The AIM supports the projects selected by the Executive Committee and in particular those which have a religious character (training, constructions, etc.). You can make a donation to AIM, but you will not be able to receive a tax receipt. If you would like a tax receipt, see opposite with the Benedictus Foundation. THANKS.


Benedictus Foundation

It is a Foundation sheltered by the Caritas France Foundation.

The Benedictus Foundation, in close connection with the AIM, supports the social works of monasteries . You can make a donation to support them and receive a tax receipt.

Donate to AIM

 Without tax receipts 

Head office: AIM, 7 rue d’Issy, 92170 Vanves
President: Jérôme de Leusse

Make a donation through AIM

  • By bank check​

Payable to : Alliance InterMonastères

To be sent to the address : Alliance InterMonastères, Secrétariat, 7 rue d'Issy - 92170 Vanves

If you wish to make a donation and receive a tax receipt , you must send this donation to Fondation Benedictus, as indicated opposite

Make a donation to the Foundation

 With tax receipts


  • By bank check​

Payable to : Fondation Benedictus

To be sent to the address : Fondation Benedictus c/o AMTM 7 rue d'Issy - 92170 Vanves

Fiscal advantages

The Benedictus Foundation works under the aegis of the Caritas France Foundation, founded by Secours Catholique. The Caritas France Foundation, recognized as being of public utility, allows you to benefit from tax deductions for the IFI and IR, on your donations and generosity.

Our Work

Alliance InterMonastères is dedicated to promoting and encouraging cooperation and solidarity between monasteries. Our work includes supporting communities-led projects and facilitating exchanges between monastic communities to foster spiritual, cultural, and human formation. Explore our gallery to learn more about our work and the communities we serve.

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