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Your donation helps Alliance Inter-Monastères promote and encourage cooperation and solidarity between monasteries. It contributes to the human, cultural, and spiritual formation of communities and supports the exchange of ideas and experiences. We welcome your contribution to support the financing of community-led projects.

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Donating online is a quick and easy way to support Alliance Inter-Monastères. Your donation will help us continue our mission to promote and encourage cooperation and solidarity between monasteries. Thank you for your support!

Become a Volunteer

Alliance Inter-Monastères welcomes volunteers who are passionate about our mission. Our volunteers contribute their time, skills, and expertise to support our work and help us achieve our goals. Contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

How You Can Help

There are many ways to support Alliance Inter-Monastères. You can make a donation, become a volunteer, share our mission with your friends and family, or help us spread the word on social media. Your support is crucial to our success.

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Among our fields of action


Alliance InterMonastères

The InterMonastery Alliance (AIM) was created in 1961 by the Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Confederation in conjunction with the Abbots General of the Cistercian Orders to support the establishment and development of monasteries and apostolic communities of the Benedictine tradition in Africa, Asia, Latin America and more recently in Eastern Europe.

In this way, AIM contributes to the life of the local populations in which these monasteries were founded. The AIM has now become an international alliance between monasteries of the Benedictine tradition around the world.

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Friends of the Monasteries

The association Friends of Monasteries Around the World (AMTM) is closely linked to the AIM.

The AMTM was born from the intuition of the father of Floris (OSB), former abbot of En Calcat and president in 1969 of the AIM to involve the laity in the action of the AIM


Benedictus Foundation

The Benedictus Foundation was created in 2022.

It is a Foundation sheltered by the Caritas France Foundation.

It supports projects in favor of social works

which benefit the populations living around the monasteries

in continents outside of Western Europe and North America.

Our Work

Alliance Inter-Monastères is dedicated to promoting and encouraging cooperation and solidarity between monasteries. Our work includes supporting community-led projects and facilitating exchanges between monastic communities to foster spiritual, cultural, and human formation. Explore our gallery to learn more about our work and the communities we serve.

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