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The statutes of the AIM were established in 1966 (see printed text Ius Proprium Confoederationis Benedictinae, 1985) and revised in 1996, 2002 and 2003 and submitted for approval to the Council and the Congress of Abbots in 2004.

Organisation and staff

The Statutes of AIM were established in 1966 (see printed text in Ius Proprium Confoederationis Benedictinae, 1985), revised in 1996, 2002 et 2003 and submitted to the approval of the Council and the Abbots’ Congress in 2004.

  • President: Dom Jean-Pierre Longeat, OSB

  • Secretariat : Sister Christine Conrath, OSB

  • Council and Executive Committee (representatives of Benedictine Confederation and Cistercian Orders)

  • International Team

The AIM Council:

– It is kept informed of, discerns with and accompanies monastic communities in their daily life and development.

– An annual two-day meeting takes place each year in a different country in order to make the work of AIM known and understood by the monasteries in the region.


Abtprimas Gregory Polan OSB; Dom Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori (General Abbot of OCist); Dom Bernardus Peeters (General Abbot of OCSO); Sr Lynn McKenzie OSB (moderatrix CIB); Fr William Skudlarek OSB (Director of DIM); Fr Lluc Torcal OCist; Abt Maksymilian Robert Nawara OSB; Abt Maximilian Neulinger OSB; Sr Metilda George, OSB; Sr Ann Hoffman OSB (Executive Director) AIM USA; Prior Gregor Brazerol OSB; Abbot Guillermo Arboleda OSB; Abbot Armand Veilleux OCSO; Prior Peter Egwrugjakpor, OSB; Mother Anna Brennan, OSB; Mother Franziska Lukas OSB; Dom David d’Hamonville OSB; Fr Javier Aparicio Suarez OSB; Sr Lumen Gloria Dungca OSB; Abbot Jean-Pierre Longeat OSB (President of AIM); Sr Christine Conrath OSB (Secretariat of AIM).

AIM Council in England, 2022.

The Executive Committee:

– Delegated by the Council to make decisions concerning the requests made by the General Secretariat at and discussed by the International Team.

– It meets twice yearly, in May and November.


A nun (Sr Lumen Gloria Dungca OSB); a Cistercian monk (Fr Lluc Torcal OCist); a Benedictine monk (Fr Javier Aparicio Suarez OSB); the President of AIM (Abbot Jean-Pierre Longeat OSB) and a Secretary (Sr Christine Conrath).

The International Team:

– It is a consultative body composed of members chosen by the President. They take a personal interest in the life and development of monasteries on specific continents, know the communities well, visit them frequently and keep in touch on a regular basis. They also encourage collaboration and meetings between monasteries.

– 3 meetings are planned each year.


Fr Mark Butlin OSB; Fr Geraldo Gonzalez y Lima OSB; Abbot Paul Stonham OSB; Dom Armand Veilleux OCSO; Fr Andrea Serafino OSB; Sr Regina Tesch OSB; Sr Thérèse-Benoît Kaboré OSB; Fr William Fennelly OSB; the Président of AIM, Jean-Pierre Longeat OSB; Sr Christine Conrath OSB.

The International Team, in 2023.

The Secretariat:

– This is the central body of AIM, coordinating the collection and distribution of funds and all the requests that are made. At its headquarters take place the meetings of the Bulletin Committee, the International Team, the Executive Committee and the Association of the Friends of the Monasteries (AMTM).

– The work of the Secretariat lies essentially with the Secretaries who manage the finances of AIM, supervised by a Finance Manager.

Secretariat Offices.

The President:

– He coordinates every aspect of the work of AIM. He represents AIM at all meetings to do with AIM as well as the organizing the Bulletin and the Website. He takes part in most of national and international monastic meetings. He is responsible for all this to the Abbot Primate and the AIM Council.

– His mandate is for a period of five years and is renewable. The decision rests with the Abbot Primate after consultation with the other Orders and the Synod of Abbot Presidents.

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