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The Benedictus Foundation

The Benedictus Foundation was created in 2022.

It is a Foundation sheltered by the Caritas France Foundation.

It supports projects in favor of social works

which benefit the populations living around the monasteries

in continents outside of Western Europe and North America.


Monasteries are engaged in development projects that benefit the surrounding populations. By participating, donors are assured of contributing effectively to the transformation of the regions in which the monasteries are located.


The latest projects supported by Benedictus concern:

educational support around the Koubri monastery,

a health bus in the Philippines, a dispensary in Cameroon, tree plantations in Madagascar, etc.


The Benedictus Foundation collects donations made to it to support the projects it validates.

Example of projects financed by the Benedictus Foundation:

BABETE (Cameroon) – Dispensary to care for displaced populations on the Anglo-French fault line

The fifteen Benedictines of Babete are rooted in the diocese of Bafoussam, in Cameroon. Their life is organized between prayer, work and hospitality. Due to the crisis in the English-speaking North-West part of Cameroon, reception has taken up much more space than before.

The community opened an orphanage for 25 children aged between 2 months and 15 years old. In addition to care, food, health and education, the sisters are looking for host families to ensure the future of these children.

The sisters also run a health center. People coming from villages in the North-West region are fleeing violence and abuses. Some were injured by bullets; they are taken to the hospital. Less severely affected people are treated at the health center (small injuries, fevers, headaches, malaria).

Formerly the center was open for a few hours during the day; now it is open 24 hours a day. In such a context, juvenile delinquency develops with its share of serious consequences. Thus, many single mothers give birth at the age of 17, without having had any prenatal visit. Parents arrive at the health center with more diverse expectations: request for consultations, laboratory analyses, request for medications, dressings, prenatal visits, vaccinations, etc.

The first objective is the reduction of infant mortality; it is necessary to acquire good equipment for ultrasound scans.

For this dispensary project the sisters are requesting financial aid of €8,000.

Make a donation


  • By bank check​

payable to: Fondation Benedictus

to be sent to the address: Fondation Benedictus c/o AMTM 7 rue d'Issy - 92170 Vanves

Fiscal advantages

The Benedictus Foundation works under the aegis of the Caritas France Foundation, founded by Secours Catholique. The Caritas France Foundation, recognized as being of public utility, allows you to benefit from tax deductions for the IFI and IR, on your donations and generosity.

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