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Friends of the Monasteries

The association Friends of Monasteries Around the World (AMTM) is closely linked to the AIM.

The AMTM was born from the intuition of the father of Floris (OSB), former abbot of En Calcat and president in 1969 of the AIM to involve the laity in the action of the AIM


The AMTM is the secular arm of the AIM. People who feel concerned by the work of monasteries come together to support this action and thus participate in the development of the communities and populations around them.


The efforts of the AMTM aim to promote projects supported in close connection with the Benedictus Foundation, sheltered by Caritas France as a legal support allowing all the advantages of tax recognition.


The AMTM is an awareness association. She publishes a letter to present the projects of the monasteries which are supported in particular by the Benedicus Foundation. She would also like to organize conferences and meetings.

History of AMTM

The AMTM was created in the great breath of renewal sparked by the Second Vatican Council and its constitution Lumen Gentium which insists on the participation of the people of God. From its inception, our association has aimed to participate for more than 50 years in monastic development through the prayer of its members and the collection of donations.

It is a tremendous explosion of foundations that emerged from the 1960s on various continents. Between 1969 and today, more than 600 monasteries have been founded. Sometimes they are tiny communities and develop very slowly, other times monasteries develop and can in turn found a new community. We are happy to participate in this development.

AMTM Newsletter:

N). 171, Easter 2024:

Download PDF • 1.74MB

No. 170, Lent 2024:

Download PDF • 1.12MB

No. 169, Advent 2023:

Download PDF • 518KB

Become a member

Head office: AMTM, 7 rue d’Issy, 92170 Vanves
President: Jérôme de Leusse

Make a donation through Fondation Benedictus

Make a donation

If you wish to make a donation and receive a tax receipt , you must send this donation to Fondation Benedictus, as indicated below:

• By credit card


  • By bank check​

payable to: Fondation Benedictus

to be sent to the address: Fondation Benedictus c/o AMTM 7 rue d'Issy - 92170 Vanves

Fiscal advantages

The Benedictus Foundation works under the aegis of the Caritas France Foundation, founded by Secours Catholique. The Caritas France Foundation, recognized as being of public utility, allows you to benefit from tax deductions for the IFI and IR, on your donations and generosity.

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