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President of the association

Father Mark Butlin was the initiator and a steady companion during the different meetings and workshops of BUT.

By mutual agreement, we have decided to begin this union. We are 10 Benedictine communities in Tanzania: the abbeys of Ndanda, Peramiho, Hanga and Mvima, the convents of Chipole, Ndanda-Tutzing, Peramiho, Imiliwaha, Ndanda and the sisters of Mafinga.

We elected the first leaders, and afterwards got our name. From now on we were called BUT: Benedictine Union of Tanzania. Our Union Bénédictine was born on December 7, 2005.

On 3rd of November 2006 we discussed the draft of our Statutes. We used the example of the Statutes of South Africa: BECOSA.

In 2007, se discussed in short our Statutes. Then we asked Sr Redemista, OSB, from Chipole, a canonist, to write again our Statutes and to send it to the different communities.

The Statutes of BUT are ready and proofed in November, 2010.

Dionys Lindenmaier, OSB

Extract from an article published in the book of the fiftieth anniversary of AIM "So far yet so near"

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