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Vinh Phuoc (Vietnam)

Formation for young sisters

Project 3512 - Formation for young sisters

Vietnam - Monastery of Vinh Phuoc, OCIST

In Vietnam, the first monastery of Cistercian monks was founded in 1918 by Father Henri Denis Benoît Thuen, on Mount Phuoc Son. It was at the origin of the Cistercian congregation of the Holy Family. The first community of nuns, although prepared for a long time within the Cistercian congregation of the Holy Family, was not founded until 1972.

The Vinh Phuoc community includes forty sisters in permanent vows, ten sisters in temporary vows, seven novices, thirteen postulants and fifteen aspirants.

In 1992, for the first time, theology courses for nuns were organised in Hô-Chi-Minh Ville thanks to the efforts of Mgr Paul Nguyen van Bình (Archdiocese of Hô-Chi-Minh Ville). The sisters bought a small house in Saigon to accommodate the sisters from the three Cistercian communities (Vinh Phuoc, Phuoc Thien and Phuoc Hai) who were doing these studies. Every year, the communities send sisters to study at the Inter-Congregational Theology Institute in Hô-Chi-Minh City.


Eleven sisters from Vinh Phuoc are studying in Hô-Chi-Minh Ville and two sisters are in their second year of theology in the Philippines. In HCM-Ville, three sisters are in their first year of theology and three sisters are in their third year of theology. One sister is in her second year of formation in sacred music; four sisters are following formation courses and accompanying young people. Financial aid is needed to help with the multiple expenses of the sisters.

Requested amount: 10,000 euros

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