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Ndanda (Tanzania)

Purchase of computers for young sisters

Project 3483 – Purchase of computers

Congregation of Our Lady help of Christians

(Ndanda, Tanzania)

The indigenous congregation of the Benedictine Sisters of Our Lady Help of Christians was founded in Ndanda in 1946 by Mgr Joachim Amman, a Benedictine from the congregation of St Ottilien (Germany). The congregation of the Benedictine Missionary Sisters of Tutzing (Germany), already present in Tanzania, was asked to accompany the foundation in its formation and administration for the first twenty-five years. On 15 June 1972, the Congregation came of age with the election of an African Mother General.

The Congregation has twenty-five houses in five dioceses. There are about 300 sisters, including about forty temporary professed sisters.

The aim of this diocesan congregation is to respond to the needs of the local population by teaching catechism, caring for the sick and marginalised, teaching in schools of various levels and empowering rural women who are mostly oppressed by men because of their cultural beliefs.

In 2011, at the request of the Bishop of Northern Mozambique, three sisters were sent to found in his diocese.


At present, the community of Ndanda has only one old computer, which is very slow and no longer adapted to the needs of the sisters. When they need to use the internet, they use a public computer with little security.

It is important to train the young sisters in the use of a computer, to be able to receive a certain number of administrative and other documents, to allow easier exchange between workstations, and to set up a computer installation allowing connection between workstations. It is therefore planned to purchase five desktops, two laptops and a UPS to protect the entire installation. Financial assistance would be required to cover the costs involved.

Financial assistance requested: 5,900 euros.

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