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Besondere Nachrichten

Monastic Formators' Programme

The next MFP is scheduled to run from 17th March to 14th June 2019. http://monasticformators.org/german/4582729936


Bulletin 115

AIM Bulletin, Heft 115: Vietnam, Land des klösterlichen Neuaufbruchs.

AIM Bulletin

AIM Bulletin, Heft 114 (2018): Trappistische Mönche und Nonnen im 21. Jahrhundert. Generalkapitel 2017.

OSB Nachrichten

Olivetan Congregation elevates two abbeys

On 1 February 2019, with the accord of his General Council, Dom Diego M. Rosa, Abbot General of the Benedictine Congregation of Saint Mary of Monte Oliveto, elevated to the rank of Abbey two monasteries of the Olivetan Congregation: the Monastery of Saint Bernard Tolomei (Goseong, South Korea) and the Monastery of Holy Cross (Rostrevor, Northern Ireland).

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BCC Meeting at Sant’Anselmo 2019

The Benedictine Commission on China (BCC) brings together representatives from Benedictine monasteries throughout the world to exchange information about the work of their communities related to China and to discuss cooperation on projects for China.

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Lenten Spiritual Exercises

Pope Francis Chooses Abbot Bernardo Gianni OSB Oliv. to Lead 2019 Lenten Spiritual Exercises

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OCIST Nachrichten

Châu Son

Am 25. April 2019 wählte das Kapitel des Klosters Unsere Liebe Frau von Châu Sơn Đơn Dương in Gegenwart des Abtspräses Jean de la Croix Lê Văn Đoàn und des Abtes Giovanni Bosco Trần Văn Thành von Châu Thủy Pater Dominikus Savio Trần Thiết Hùng zum siebten Abt der Gemeinschaft. OCIST


unter dem Patronat der Päpstlichen Hochschule S. Anselmo in Rom: 26. August - 20. September 2019


Beachtung! Eine gefälschte Bitte um Hilfe.

Ein Mann namens Francisco Javier Casas stellt sich als Bekanntes von Poblet vor.

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OCSO Nachrichten

Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life

The Abbot General received a response to the request presented on March 7, 2019 to the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Institutes of Apostolic Life. This petition requested an exemption from the obligation for all contemplative nuns to belong to a Federation, according to the norms of the Instruction on Female Contemplative Life, Cor Orans.

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In the very early hours of Thursday 11 April, Bamenda Abbey at Mankon, Bamenda, Cameroon was visited by a band of at least eight robbers who entered the monastery. All the monks were gathered in the cloister at the entrance of the Church and forced to lay face down for more than three hours while the visitors ransacked every room in the complex searching for money and valuables.

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On the Solemnity of the Annunciation, March 25, 2019, Sister Robertha Dessi Hermawati made solemn profession at the monastery of Bunda Pemersatu Gedono (Indonesia).

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