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Pugu (Tanzania)
[May 2024]

Buying a car

Benedicine monks of Pugu (Tanzania)

Project 3529: Buying a car


The Saint Benedict Monastery of Pugu was founded in 1988, then rebuilt in 1998. It has been affiliated with Mvimwa Abbey since 2016, and is located 21 km from Dar es Salaam. He is part of the Benedictine missionary congregation of Sankt Ottilien (Germany).

The main mission of the small community is to manage the pilgrimage center of the Tanzanian martyrs including Benedictines, the spiritual center there, the basic program of the African Bible - which was created to helping people to know the Bible in a simple way -, and also to work in parishes.


Due to the lack of means of transport, the apostolate is difficult, such as visiting the sick. The brothers therefore decided to buy a Toyota Vanguard SUV car to make their travel easier.

Financial assistance requested: 5,000 euros.

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