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ISBF - Meeting and sessions (India)

Meeting and sessions

India - ISBF

Project 3516 - Meeting and sessions

The Indo-Srilankan Benedictine Federation was established in 1968 as a result of the Bangkok Congress. It was organised by AIM with the aim of discussing monasticism in Asia. It was formally established on 28 November 1969 at the Asirvanam Monastery in Bangalore by its three founding members: Shantivanam, the Asirvanam Monastery and the Shanti Nilayam Abbey. Other Benedictine communities in India gradually joined. The Indian Benedictine Federation was enlarged to include them, and renamed the Indo-Srilankan Benedictine Federation (ISBF) in 1995. From the original three members, the Federation has now grown to a total of 71 monasteries.

Its fundamental objective is to serve as a link between monasteries and to ensure close collaboration between them, thereby encouraging the growth of Christian monasticism in India and Sri Lanka. The Federation also represents the interests of its members to religious and civil authorities. Each year, the ISBF organises a meeting of its members, three or four meetings of leaders, and training courses for young novices and formators. All these meetings take place in a different monastery each time.


This year, the ISBF needs financial support to help communities take part in the meeting of superiors and the training meetings (travel expenses) offered by the ISBF.

Requested amount: 5,000 euros.

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