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Lolo (Chad)

Acquisition of bakery equipment

Benedictine nuns of Sainte-Agathe (Lolo, Moundou, Chad)

Project 3533: Acquisition of bakery equipment


At the request of the Conference of Bishops of Chad, the Sainte-Agathe monastery was founded in 2004 by the Congolese Benedictines of Lubumbashi, DRC (Queen of the Apostles Congregation). It is the first and only foundation of a monastic community in this country. They first benefited from a house belonging to the diocese 20 km from Moundou, then a monastery was built in the village of Lolo on land offered to the Bishop by the Muslim chief of the village.

This village has some 6,000 inhabitants, practically on the fringes of modernity: there is no drinking water, no comprehensive school, no health center, no large shops. The population has no other alternative than to obtain supplies from Moundou, the second large industrial city in the country located 20 km from the village.

The sisters cultivate sesame, peanuts, millet, yam and begin growing cotton (one sister studied agronomy). The sisters founded a small school where they taught for a long time. Today, there are external teachers.


To help meet the financial needs of the community, the sisters plan to make and sell bread to surrounding villages which must go as far as Moundou to obtain supplies. The equipment to be acquired consists of an electric mixer, an oven, two trolleys and trays. Financial assistance would be necessary to cover purchasing and transport costs.

Financial assistance requested: 10,000 euros.

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