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Huambo (Angola)

Social Education training

Projects 3481 et 3482 - Social Education training and nursing studies

Angola - Monastery of Huambo, OSB

The Huambo community was founded by the monastery of Roriz (Portugal). In 1941, these Benedictine nuns founded a monastery in the east of Angola. In 1975, due to the political and social situation in Angola, the Portuguese nuns had to return to their country, with only one Angolan nun remaining. In 1980, two nuns moved to the centre of life in Huambo to meet the demand from young people looking for a vocation. In 2019, the sisters will move to a new monastery, 20 km from Huambo, to get away from the noise of the city and leave their dilapidated buildings behind. At present, the community comprises four sisters, a temporary professed sister and two novices. Fourteen young girls are candidates for Benedictine life.

The sisters have an apostolate with young women and orphans. They also offer a health service and use herbal remedies.


Sister Ermelinda is doing a one-year course in social education at the Institute of Religious Sciences in Angola, so that she can then help with catechesis and welcome at the hostel. Financial assistance is needed to cover the course fees (€ 758).

Sister Mauricia is in her first year of a nursing course at the Colégio Politécnico ROFRAC (duration: three years) with a view to taking over the community infirmary. Financial assistance is needed to cover the registration fees (€ 511).

Requested amount: 1,269 euros

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