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Gihindamuyaga (Rwanda)
[May 2024]

Formation for six brothers

Rwanda - Monastery of Gihindamuyaga, OSB

Projects 3559 à 3564: Formation for six brothers

The monastery was founded in 1958 by the abbey of Maredsous (Belgium). The community comprises twenty-four brothers. As well as livestock rearing and farming, the brothers have a brickyard and also make jewellery. Pastoral activities: sessions, parish, accompaniment. Some of the brothers are teachers.

The community is committed to training so that it can meet its own needs as well as the needs of pastoral care.


Several brothers are in training in different fields (education, philosophy, theology, psychology) and in different countries (Rwanda, Senegal, Kenya, Belgium, Ivory Coast). Financial support is needed for six brothers to help with the costs involved (enrolment, travel, etc.).

- Brother Giovanni is in his third year of a theology degree at the studium Saint-Benoît in the monastery of Bouaké (Côte d'Ivoire). (€2,500)

- Brother Jean-Pierre Canisius is in his fourth year at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA, Kenya), studying for a doctorate in spiritual theology. (€3,000)

- Brother Alexis is in his second year of a bachelor's degree at the Catholic University of Rwanda (three-year course). (€2,200)

- Brother Innocent is in his first year of studies in Education at the Catholic University of Rwanda (€2,200)

- Brother Irénée is in his first year of a theology degree at the Great Serminary of Nyakibanda (Rwanda). (€2,500)

- Brother Benjamin is in his first year of a philosophy degree at the Major Seminary of Kabyayi (Rwanda). (€2,200)

Financial support requested: 14,600 euros.

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