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São Bento (Brazil)
[May 2024]

Monastic training in Rome

Brazil - Monastery of São Bento, OSB

Project 3527: Monastic Formation Course (CFM) in Rome

The monastery of Bahia is the oldest in the Americas. The first monks arrived here from Portugal in 1582, 33 years after the city of Salvador was founded. They were given this hill, next to the old town, where a small chapel of São Sebastião had already been built, on the same site as the present church. The community comprises around thirty brothers. They are responsible for a number of pastoral services, support people in need, and welcome many people for retreats and sessions. They also run a publishing house.


A brother of the community must take part in the Monastic Formation Course offered by the Cistercians in Rome, which will take place from 26 August to 21 September 2024 (2nd year).

The Monastic Formation Course is under the patronage of the Pontifical Academy of Saint Anselm (Rome). The CFM will last three periods of five weeks in three consecutive years, from the end of August to the end of September. The CFM is devoted to the study of monastic sources and tradition, patristic and liturgical knowledge, knowledge of spirituality specific to the monastic ideal and cultural heritage, contact with the human sciences, and above all a solid knowledge of Sacred Scripture and monastic theology. A number of cultural and spiritual visits enrich intellectual training.

Financial assistance is needed to cover registration fees.

Financial support requested: 2,500 euros.

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