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Hékanmé (Benin)
[May 2024]

Formations in philosophy and theology

Benin - Monastery of Hékanmé, OSB

Projects 3540 and 3541: Formation for two brothers

In 1964, the Belloc monastery (osb, France) was founded in Benin, at Zagnanado, at the request of the local episcopate. This community closed in 1989. Some of the brothers continued their monastic training at the abbey of Koubri (Burkina Faso), then returned to Benin in 1998 where the monastery of Mont-Thabor, at Hékanmé, was opened. The community currently comprises ten brothers, three of whom are in temporary vows.

Poultry farming is the community's main source of income. The brothers have a good deal of experience in raising laying hens. In recent years, the brothers have also started bee-keeping.


- After obtaining his degree in philosophy at the Franciscan Studium in Ouidah, Brother Serge is in his first year of theology at the Major Seminary of Saint Gall (Ouidah).

- Brother Gabin is in his third year of a degree in philosophy at the Franciscan Studium in Ouidah.

Financial support is needed to help with the two brothers' school fees: 2 592 euros x 2 = 5,184 euros.

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