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Petrópolis (Brazil)
[May 2024]

Ongoing formation of the community

Brazil - Monastery of Petrópolis, OSB

Project 3528: Ongoing human formation of the community

The Petrópolis monastery was founded in Rome in 1925 and transferred to Brazil in 1937; it is part of the Brazilian congregation.


For more than three years, the community has been receiving human formation from the psychologist Jorcelei Fonseca, who has done important work in the community. He also does this work in other religious communities and seminaries. For several years now, religious life has been facing many challenges, and human formation is necessary to live better together, to develop maturity, human balance and group harmony.

The community is facing a budget deficit that is currently making it difficult to finance the human formation of the community.

Financial assistance is needed to continue the human formation begun with the psychologist.

Amount requested: 500 euros.

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