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[May 2024]

Accounting training session

Madagascar - Association of Monasteries

Projects 3557 and 3558: Accounting training session for Monasteries

The contemplative monasteries of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean meet every year for training sessions for superiors, formators and cellarers. Since 2007, a cycle of training in theology and philosophy has been in place for young monks and nuns.

In March 2023, a reorganisation of studies was undertaken and the course was renamed: the Studium Inter-monastères de Madagascar (SIM) became the Formation Théologique Inter-monastères de Madagascar (FTIM). It is open to all young professed men and women (temporary and solemn), and lasts six or seven years, with three ten-day sessions per year and an examination session.


In addition to the training of young community members, the superiors expressed the desire for training in accounting adapted to the management of monasteries. A one-week session for the brothers and sisters in charge of this post took place from 10 to 16 May 2024. A coordinator from FIC-EXPERTISE International and two sisters already trained by this organisation provided the training for around twenty participants. Financial assistance would be required to cover accommodation and travel costs.

Financial support requested: 4,947 euros.

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