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Sovu (Rwanda)
[May 2024]

Studies in spiritual theology

Rwanda - Monastery of Sovu, OSB

Project 3569: Studies in spiritual theology

The Sovu Monastery was founded in 1959 by the Abbey of Maredret (Belgium). He is part of the Congregation of the Annunciation.

The life of the community was greatly disrupted by the war in Rwanda in 1994 (nine sisters died) and its temporary exile in Europe. His return was staggered from 1995 to 1997, with the urgent need to rehabilitate the monastery buildings. Through their perseverance, the sisters were able to resettle and resume a monastic life. The community today has 23 members including 4 novices.

The sisters have a farm with some small livestock, vegetable gardens and orchards (rice, vegetables, banana plantations and various fruits) and make altar bread.


Already holding a degree in education, Sister Géraldine began a degree in spiritual theology (three-year course) at Tangaza University (Nairobi, Kenya), with the aim of then assuming the role of mistress of novices in her community. Financial assistance would be necessary for registration and accommodation fees.

Financial support requested: 3,000 euros.

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