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Bouaké (Ivory Coast)
[May 2024]

Studium of formation

Ivory Coast - Monastery of Bouaké, OSB

Project 3573 - Studium of formation

The Bouaké monastery was founded by Benedictine monks from the Toumliline monastery (Morocco) in 1959, itself the foundation of the En-Calcat abbey (France). Near the town of Bouaké, the second city of Ivory Coast and a university town, the brothers are in contact with the city and rural residents of the neighborhood.

The economic life of the monastery is ensured by the breeding of laying hens and some secondary activities. The influence of the monastery is primarily due to the hotel industry which welcomes priests, religious, laity, young people and adults, for retreats or recollections. The community includes twenty-four brothers including two temporarily professed, two novices, a postulant and an intern.

In 2016, concerned with the training of monks, the superior of the Bouaké monastery set up a philosophical and theological training studio linked to the Faculty of Theology of the UCAO (Catholic University of West Africa). An agreement has been established between the Studium and the Faculty concerning the course of study, the professors concerned in the Faculty as well as the diplomas. The philosophy cycle conducted at the UCAO over two years is established over five years for the Studium, the canonical baccalaureate in theology is offered. The theology cycle runs from February to April, and the philosophy cycle from October to December. The agreement also provides for training more oriented towards monastic life because the Studium trains monks. In 2023, a preparatory year of methodology was set up in order to lay a good working foundation for beginning students. First offered to brothers in training in Bouaké, the Studium opened in 2019 to monks and nuns from other monasteries. Each session brings together around ten students per level. In 2024, the Studium created a scriptorium to give students access to reference works.

To carry out all the studium activities, financial assistance is required: 30,000 euros.

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