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Benedictines and Cistercians Association of Nigeria
[May 2024]

Meeting of Formators

Benedictines and Cistercians Association of Nigeria

Project 3538: Meeting of Formators of the BECAN


The Benedictines and Cistercians Association of Nigeria brings together thirteen communities; it is a forum for continuous dialogue about similarities and differences, on how to be Cistercian and Benedictine monks and nuns in today's Nigeria, and on how to achieve the common objective of all monastic life.

Since 2009, the superiors have created a common scholarship: each community contributes annually to constitute this fund. The idea is to share this fund between the management of the association and that of its group of trainers.

The importance of training in the life of each community has led the association to create a specific forum for formators. This session takes place every year for one week. It is an opportunity for mutual support and exchange of ideas on training, a place for group training, renewal and updating for the trainers themselves. Every five years, the formators themselves organize a one-month monastic training meeting.


The working session for formators will take place from October 15 to November 17, 2024. Financial assistance would be necessary to set up the session (meals, computers, printer, projector, photocopies, etc.).


Financial assistance requested: 11,000 euros.

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