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Vijayawada-Navajeevan (India)

Studies in theology and philosophy for eight brothers

Projects 3497 à 3499, 3500 à 3503, 3505

Studies for eight brothers

India - Monastery of Navajeevan, OSB

The Navajeevan monastery was founded in 1987 by the Makkiyad monastery. In 2020, it included fifteen perpetually professed members, seven temporarily professed members and two novices. The superior attaches great importance to the education and training of his young people in order to firmly establish his community.

Following their tradition, the Sylvestrins are committed to community life, prayer, manual work and hospitality. His ministry includes preaching and retreats, the care of a parish made up of six villages, and a school for poor children located five kilometres from the monastery.


Three brothers in temporary vows are studying philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy run by the monastery of Saint Joseph, Makkiyad; this institute has just been affiliated to the Sant’ Anselmo Institute. The course of study for a Baccalaureate in Philosophy lasts three years (€1,600 x 3 = €4,800).

Five brothers in temporary vows are studying theology at Kristu Jyothi College (Bangalore), run by the Salesians of Don Bosco (€1,800 x 5 = €9,000).

Financial assistance would be needed to cover all the costs inherent in these courses.

Requested amount: 13,800 euros

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