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Sadori (Togo)
[May 2024]

Reconstruction of a storage room

Benedictine nuns of Sadori, Togo

Project 3554: Reconstruction of a storage room


The Sadori monastery was founded by the Benedictine abbey of Dzogbegan in 1994. It is located in the north of Togo, in a Muslim environment, in the diocese of Dapaong.

The community includes a dozen sisters.

The community has several activities: yogurt shop, delicatessen, herbalist, beekeeping, beverage making, store.

In 2022, the sisters built a room reserved for storing their stocks of onions and bulbs, so that they could be sold outside of harvest. They also store the produce of neighboring families who do not have the possibility of preserving their products.



Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the storage room for onions and bulbs. The sisters wish to rehabilitate this premises: framework and shelves. Financial assistance would be necessary for this renovation.

Financial assistance requested: 2,000 euros.

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