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Nike (Nigeria)
[May 2024]

Repair of the fence wall

Benedictine nuns of Nike (Enugu, Nigeria)

Project 3565: Repair of the fence wall


Nike Monastery was founded in 1974 by Mother Charles Anyanwu. The community includes around thirty sisters with young people in training. The sisters founded several monasteries in Nigeria.

The community is partially self-sufficient (agriculture, livestock, making altar bread, sewing workshop, etc.) and depends on local benefactors. The sisters support the local population through listening and teaching services but also through donations (clothing)

The sisters grow cassava, yams, cereals, etc. Because of the current situation in Nigeria, the sisters rarely receive gifts such as rice or beans. They decided to develop rice growing for their own food and to help the poor population in the surrounding area. In 2023, they invested in equipment for rice production.


The wall surrounding the monastery grounds is in a poor state of repair, and young people from the neighbouring village take advantage of the situation to enter and disturb the sisters who are working on the crops. Despite the authority of the village elders, the young people continue their abuses. It is therefore important to rebuild the boundary wall to protect the crops and the sisters.

Financial assistance requested: 10,000 euros.

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