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Project 3444 - CIB meeting in the USA

International Communion of Benedictine Women


CIB2018In November 2001, after a process of consultation with all the monasteries of Benedictine women throughout the world, it was decided to use the word
Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum (CIB) to designate all the communities of Benedictine women recognised as such by the Abbot Primate and listed in the Catalogus Monasteriorum O.S.B. This marked the culmination of a process since the Second Vatican Council and also the beginning of a new era for Benedictine women.

The CIB is not a structure of jurisdiction or power. Each monastery, congregation or federation continues to live within its existing canonical structures.

The CIB is a spiritually inspired communication network. It promotes mutual support and the exchange of ideas and experiences; develops the Consociatio between the women’s communities and the Benedictine Confederation; brings the concerns of Benedictine women to the attention of the Confederation, the Synod of Presidents and the Congress of Abbots; informs the Abbot Primate of matters concerning Benedictine women and submits suggestions and proposals to him on these matters.

The decision to hold the meetings of the delegates every two years in a different region has proved to have an enormous impact in bringing the nuns and sisters together in a fraternal way and in discovering all the different riches and experiences that come together in the CIB.



The CIB meeting for the year 2023 will take place in September at the monastery of Cullman (Alabama). The CIB solidarity fund is financing part of the meeting. Help would be needed with travel expenses for sisters from Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Requested amount : 15,000 euros.

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