Project 3414 - Adapting a house for a foundation

Benedictine nuns of Umilta Sadan, for the foundation in Meghalaya (India)


100 4124Umilta Sadan was founded in 2004 in the Bangalore district by the Faenza (Italy) community of the Benedictine nuns of Vallombreuse. At present, the community is made up of three sisters in permanent vows, thirteen sisters in temporary vows, five novices and nine aspirants. Four sisters of temporary profession are continuing their monastic formation at the Mother House, the monastery of Faenza.



The Congregation plans to start a new foundation in Meghalaya, in north-east India. The sisters’ priority will be to build a school or a dispensary, the only
options available to the inhabitants of the region and which they need.

On the plot there is a house that needs to be fitted out to accommodate the sisters. The sisters are looking for a number of benefactors to help them
complete this project.


Requested amount: 14,767 euros.

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