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Benedictine Sisters of Kogi (Idah, Nigeria)

Project 3227 - Construction of a Noviciate


DSC07467At the request of the Bishop of the diocese of Idah the Benedictine sisters of the Incarnate Word of Nike in Nigeria founded the monastery of the Presentation in 2008. It is situated in an underdeveloped region where the people are poor and the majority Islamic. Most of them are peasants or traders.

At present the community consists of about twenty sisters, of whom two are novices and six postulants. The sisters run a farm of poultry and pigs, and produce altar-breads and liturgical vestments. Thanks to these sources of revenue they are able to assist their neighbours. They have a guesthouse to which Christians and even some Muslims come for retreats. Even though they are in a Muslim area the community receives many requests from young women who want to live a Catholic religious life.

DSC07467The community is growing rapidly, but lacks the space to put the young women who apply. It is becoming urgent to construct a building to serve as a noviciate. It is proposed to construct some twenty rooms, or which fourteen would be for the noviciate proper. Financial help is needed to complete these works.



Sum requested: €15,000.

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