Project 3425 - Construction of a new bakery

Benedictine nuns of Campos do Jordão, Brazil


mosteiro beneditinas campos do jordaoFounded in 1964 by the Abbey of Uberaba, the monastery was erected in abbey since 1981 and is part of the Brazilian Congregation. There community is made up of about thirty sisters.

The sisters make jam, cookies and cakes. They have a hotel; they do catechesis for children and adults. They help the local population as much as they can by distributing food, clothing and medicine.



Currently the bakery where the sisters make the cookies and cakes sold at the monastery shop is located in the same space than the jam workshop, which is not authorized by the Health Services. In addition, this space no longer complies with standards and risk of being closed by the Health Surveillance Agency.

The sisters chose to set up the bakery in a space that was to serve as a garage. They have started the work but are struggling to cover the costs.


Amount required: 20 000 euros.

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