Argentina - Monastery of Luján

Project 3123 – Bursary for a brother to study theology (first year)

LujanThe monastery of Luján was founded in 1916 at Buenos Aires by the monks of Silos (Spain). The community moved to Luján in 1987. The community consists of seventeen monks. Means of subsistence are fabrication of chocolates, jams, fruit-pastes, cheese, honey, liqueurs, olive oil. The brothers have also a studio for the restoration of art works.

Brother Santiago Garcia is beginning study for a Licence in Theology at Sant’Anselmo. He already has a Baccalaureate of Theology. Afterwards he would be able to give courses in the monastery and also to other communities of the Benedictine Congregation of the Southern Cone. Financial help would be needed for the expenses of inscription and lodging.

Sum requested: €4000

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