India – Monastery of Kottayam (OSB)

Project 3202 – Biblical theology for a brother

KottayamMonasteryThe Congregation of Vallombrosa was founded in Italy by St John Gualbert in 1036. The first house in India opened at Kottayam (Kerala) in 1987. They follow the Syro-Malabar rite. A junior seminary was founded in 1988, a secondary school in 1993, then a house for the study of philosophy and theology in 2000. The brothers are closely involved in the education and in the teaching.

Brother Bino was Rector of the junior seminary before leaving for study in Italy in 2017. After a Licence in Scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute he is studying for a Doctorate at the Faculty of Theology of central Italy at Florence. Financial help is needed for his expenses of lodging and study.

Sum requested: €3000

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