Senegal - Monastery of Keur Moussa (OSB)

Project 3208 - Scholarships for two brothers in Theology

KeurMoussaThe monastery of Keur Moussa was founded in 1963 by Saint-Pierre de Solesmes (France) following the call of the Archbishop of Dakar.

A care center was created for the people of the surrounding villages, taken over since 1966 by the Benedictine Sisters, Servants of the Poor of Angers (France). A primary school was created in 1967 for the children of the village of Keur Moussa, which was then entrusted to the diocesan direction of Catholic Education. It has been supplemented by a «rural class» for training young farmers, and a day care center.

The community is known for its liturgy and koras-manufacturing workshop sold around the world. The community includes forty-two monks. It has made a foundation in Séguéya, Guinea-Conakry.

Brother Edouard and Brother Théophane-Marie are continuing their theological studies at Sant’Anselmo, leading to a Baccalaureate of Theology. They are now in their third year. Financial help is needed to cover their academic fees.

Sum requested: €4000

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