Mexico - Monastery of Cuernavaca (OSB)

Project 3209 – Bursary for study of theology for a brother (first year)

CuernavacaThe monastery of Our Lady of the Angels was founded in 1966 by the American monastery of St Benedict, Mount Angel. It belongs to the Swiss American Congregation. The community comprises twelve solemnly professed monks and twelve monks in temporary vows. The brothers make candles and incense, bread, yogurt and granola. The brothers also have a plantation of avocadoes, coffee and citrus, and a little farm and a few bee-hives. They sell their products in their shop which also contains books. The community wants to form the brothers intellectually in order to respond to a variety of demands, hospitality and courses at the Pontifical University of Mexico.

In the autumn Brother José Luis Francisco will begin his first year of theology at Sant’Anselmo. Financial help will be necessary for lodging and other expenses.

Sum requested: €2000

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