Ivory Coast – Monastery of Our Lady of Bouake (OSB)

Project 3214 – Formation of a brother in the social doctrine of the Church

BouakeStudiumOut of concern for the formation of the monks, the superior of the monastery has set up a Studium for philosophical and theological formation, linked to the course of studies of the Faculty of Theology of the Catholic University of West Africa. An agreement has been reached between the Studium and the Faculty over the course of studies (programmes and timetable), the relevant professors of the Faculty and diplomas. The cycle of philosophy conducted at the university in two years has been spread over five years for the Studium, leading to the Baccalaureate of Theology. The theology course runs from February to April and the philosophy from October to December. The agreement envisages a formation oriented principally to monastic life, since the Studium is formed of monks. Although it was first proposed for brothers in formation at Bouake, the Studium was thrown open in 2019 to monks and nuns of other monasteries.

As the Studium is under the academic aegis of the Catholic University of West Africa, only brothers who have at least a Master’s degree are authorised to deliver the courses. In order for the course to continue from year to year it is therefore essential that some brothers of the community have a diploma beyond the canonical baccalaureate. For this reason Brother Aimé, who already has a Diploma in Theology from the Institut Catholique of Toulouse, is to begin a Master’s degree in the social teaching of the Church at the centre for formation of the Dominicans at Yamoussoukro. Financial help will be required both for academic fees and for lodging.

Sum requested: €2000

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