Sri lanka – Priory of Ampitiya (OSB)

Projet 3219 – Language Course for a brother

AmpitiyaCteThe Sylvestrine community has been present in Sri Lanka since 1875 (Kandy). This was its first foundation outside Italy. The growing number of young Indians joining the community made a rapid development possible. The priory of Ampitiya was set up in the outskirts of Kandy in 1927 and became the mother-house of other flourishing communities in Sri Lanka.

The community comprises forty-four brothers, of whom seven are temporarily pofessed and two novices. The brothers cultivate rice. Their pastoral work consists in maintaining parishes and a retreat centre.

Brother Sadun Kokila Fernando is beginning a Baccalaureate in Theology (first cycle, a three-year course) at Sant’Anselmo (Rome). He already has a diploma in the history of art and in philosophy, studied in Sri Lanka. To pursue his studies in Italy he must learn the Italian language at the Centro Studi Italiani at Urbania. Financial help is needed for his fees and for accommodation.

Sum requested: €2000

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