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Project 3228 - Acquisition of work-machinery

Benedictine Sisters of Zhytomyr (Ukraine)

facadeThe Benedictine community of Zhytomyr was founded in 1988 by the monastery of Vilnius (Lithuania). It is composed of eighteen sisters, or whom three are in the noviciate. The sisters make altar-breads and candles, and paint icons. They have an important activity of welcome for groups and individuals, with conferences, retreats, etc. In 2019, at the invitation of the Archbishop of Lviv, three sisters were sent to set up in a monastery built by a Swiss family which was standing empty. This new foundation was supported by the arrival of Polish Benedictines who at present occupy the chaplaincy buildings, before constructing their own monastery.

The Covid pandemic has hit the community very badly: in addition to contracting the sickness the sisters had to close their guest quarters and cancel their programmes of welcome and formation, which considerably weakened their income-stream.

In parallel the studio for making altar-breads underwent considerably increased demand because the diocese could no longer receive supplies from Poland. At present the work is done by hand and cannot satisfy the demand. The sisters have therefore decided to equip themselves with machines (mixing, cutting, etc) which will improve production and consequently constitute a second source of income.

soeursThe total cost is estimated at €84,590, which the sisters are hoping to cover by various means; the community itself is contributing €25,460.


Sum Requested: €10,000

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