StAnselmeSant’Anselmo is the International Benedictine University in Rome.

Through its academic activity, research and training, Sant’Anselmo wishes to:

- Offer Benedictine education at university level, at a high level of quality and open to all.

- Develop an understanding of Benedictine values in theological study, such as the community and liturgical dimension of theological awareness, and their sources in Biblical and Patristic spirituality, as well as the historical dimension of theological life.

- Incarnate theological reflection in personal life and promote integral human development. Contribute to the mission of the Church through ecumenical, inter-religious and intercultural dialogue.

Witness to the relevance of Benedictine life in modern culture and contemporary society.


Formation offerings:

The academic program of the Faculty of Theology offers courses for the Baccalaureate, Licentiate and Doctorate.

Within the Faculty of Theology there are three specializations:

- Theology of Spirituality from a monastic and Benedictine perspective: especially for the formation of teachers in Theology of Spirituality and the History of Monasticism, as well as for those responsible for monastic formation. This is a unique programme in Spirituality with an emphasis on the Benedictine and monastic perspective.

- Theology of Sacraments: especially for formation of teachers in Dogmatic Theology and the Sacramental Theology.

- History of  Theology: especially for the formation of teachers in this discipline, and also for courses in the Introduction to Theology, and more generally in Systematic Theology, studied with an emphasis on its historical creativity and on the evolution of theological method.


The College Sant’Anselmo

The University of Sant’Anselmo also offers the possibility of accommodation at its Benedictine College, allowing students to follow the communal life according to the Benedictine tradition and adapted to the life of study, in order to provide a more complete education that is not restricted to studies.

Prof. Stefano Visintin O.S.B.
Dean of the Faculty of Theology

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