Micheline Saccard, Vanves

The Association of the Friends of the Monasteries of the Third World, founded in 1969, gathered together lay people, along with their prayers and donations, to help in the work of the monks and nuns.

This association is a sort of 'arm' of monasticism. It dedicates itself to the demands of material needs presented by the foundation, which are contemplating development. It is also involved in the construction of conventual buildings, Directed by a council of twelve members, they can rely on over one thousand three hundred subscribers and friends from France who assist the work of the monks with their prayers and donations. Madame Micheline Succard is in permanent charge of the position of AMTN of Vanves, and also the production and circulation of this letter, to the friends of the monasteries of the third world.

In Advent and Lent, this letter invites the subscribers and friends to agree to make donations for various works or developments, for example the purchase of agricultural machinery - or- another fund for a particular monastery.

The help of lay people at the economic and financial level allows them to bring their qualifications and skills and contribute decisively to the future of monasticism in the young churches.

However, it is important to remember that the essential work is invisible to the eye, and performed in secret: all these people support the monasteries with their prayers. This mutual involvement is wonderfully enriching.


Translated from the French by Paul and Jane Rozé, Cliftonville, Kent, England.