The Association AMTM
Les Amis des Monastères à Travers le Monde

The Friends of Monasteries around the World

Secretariat of the AIM



The AMTM is an association (according to the French law of 1901) whose objective is in collaboration with the AIM to help by prayer and materially the young monasteries living under the Rule of St Benedict which have been and are being founded across the world in less favoured countries.

The effect of monastic life, in each region where a monastery is sown, is to help agricultural and economic development. Often this represents a chance for the local inhabitants. First of all the monasteries have a spiritual influence, and enable populations which do not know Christianity to have some experience of it. The influence is also economic, from the capacity of the monks and nuns to transform places where they are set up by their work, and thus to be an example and a support in the neighbourhood. The AMTM has been supporting and encouraging this development for 50 years.

The Association held its most recent general meeting in the Priory of St Bathilde of Vanves on 29th January. In the course of the past year the AMTM has been able to support several important projects in Tanzania, in Poland (to welcome Ukrainian refugees) and on the Ivory Coast.

However, since the creation of the Foundation Benedictus, which harvests the funds assembled by the AMTM (to allow in all legality the expenditure of funds received) the function of the AMTM consists above all in stimulating, informing and communicating the various successful projects achieved by the Foundation. This provides an opportunity to widen the list of donors and achieve a greater presence in the social framework. The projects supported will be linked to developments in health, education and environment.

This fine service of the AMTM is calling for new associates. Please do not hesitate to come forward.