Bulletin 121 (2021)

Fratelli Tutti

Brotherhood in Monastic Life





Dom Jean-Pierre Longeat, OSB, President of the AIM



Fratelli Tutti, chap. 3 (extracts)
Pope Francis


Lectio Divina

‘You have only one Father and you are all brothers and sisters’  (Matthew 23,8-9)
Dom Olivier-Marie Sarr, OSB



Brothers according to the Rule of St Benedict
Dom Jean-Pierre Longeat, OSB



Fratelli Tutti, chap. 3 (extracts)
Pope Francis


Opening on the World

Consequences of the present Worldwide Crisis in the Life of Religious Communities
Sister Patricia Murray, IBVM


Great Figures for Monastic Life

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and monastic life
John W. de Gruchy



• Iwuru, foundation of the monastery of Ewu-Ishan
Secretariat of AIM

• Polish Foundation in the Ukraine
Secretariat of AIM

• The Benedictine Monks of Shantivanam
Secretariat of AIM