Dom Jean-Pierre Longeat OSB, President of AIM


Dom Martin-François Neyt – an Appreciation
Dom Jean-Pierre Longeat, OSB, President of the AIM

Reflections on the Future of the AIM
Dom Notker Wolf, OSB, Abbot Primate

The Future of Monasticism and the Role of the AIM
Dom Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori, OCist, Abbot General

Declaration of the Executive Committee and Clarification by the Council of the AIM


Migration in West Africa
Mme Nelly Robin, Institute of Development Research


Monastic Foundations and Migrations
Dom Jean-Pierre Longeat, OSB, President of AIM

Sr Marie, OSB, Martigné-Briand, France

Fragility and Paralyzing Structures in the Monastic Community
Dom Paul Stonham, OSB, Belmont Abbey, England


A Visit to the Monasteries of Uganda
Dom Mark Butlin, OSB, International Team

A Visit to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and North Korea
Dom Ansgar Stüfe, OSB, International Team

Congo Kinshasa
Sr AnnaChiara, OCSO, Mvanda, DRC

The Eleventh Meeting of EMLA
Dom Paul Stonham, OSB, Belmont Abbey, England

Cuba and Brazil
Dom Geraldo Gonzalez y Lima, OSB, International Team

The Ananias Meeting

Monastic Formation Programme
Dom Mark Butlin, OSB, and Dom Jeremy Sierla, OSB, Ampleforth ,Abbey


Henry Wansbrough

An English Gradual

graduel1The Abbey of Belmont, England, has recently published an English Gradual, a collection of simple chants in English for singing at the Mass. It is mainly the work of Abbot Alan Rees, who died a few years ago. During his life he did much to help the singing of the Mass and the Divine Office in English, and a number of monastic communities already use his compositions. This book is a compilation of chants for singing at the entry, the offertory and at Communion, with half-adozen simple Ordinaries to go with them. These lovely melodies of Abbot Alan are easy to sing, and, once sung, easy to remember. A CD will soon be available with a selection of these chants. The book is available directly from the Abbey of Belmont at a cost of £6 (7 euros, $10).