The AIM has a mandate from the following monastic Orders issued from St Benedict to co-ordinate the formation and the requests for multiple projects:

• The Cistercian Bernardines of Esquermes
• The Bernardine Sisters of Oudenaarde
• The Cistercian Sisters of Charity (Congregation of Anagni)
• The nuns of the Cistercian Congregation of St Bernard (Las Huelgas)
• The Cistercian monks of Strict Observance: 89 monasteries (1,599 monks in 2021)
• The Cistercian nuns of Strict Observance: 69 monasteries (1,476 nuns in 2021)
• The Cistercian monks: 79 monasteries (1,626 monks in 2015)
• The Cistercian nuns: 59 monasteries (825 nuns in 2015)
• The Benedictine monks: 434 communities and missions (6,874 monks in 2020)
• The Benedictine nuns and sisters: 975 communities and missions (13,725 nuns and sisters in 2014)



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