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Project 3120 - Renewal of the Church Roof

Benedictine Monks of Kappadu (Kerala, India)


Kappadu2The monastery of Kappadu was founded under the Syro-Malabar rite by three monks of the Benedictine monastery of Asirvanam (Bangalore), which is a foundation of the Abbey of Saint Andrew (Bruges, Belgium).

The current church was completed in 2000 and dedicated on December 31, 2000. A guesthouse with thirty-three independent rooms and a spacious refectory was built almost simultaneously. The monastery was raised Kappadu to the rank of abbey on the occasion of the General Chapter of the Congregation in 2004.

By 2015, the community comprised forty-four brothers, including thirty-three monks in solemn vows, six brothers having made temporary vows and five novices.



Under the strong rainfall and extreme heat the roof of the chapel and the monastery is progressively degrading : tiles are falling off, vegetation is working into the joints. In addition the roof of the chapel is a single spread of concrete without any opening, because of lack of funds at the time of construction. Openings would have been able to moderate the extreme heat and also reduce the degradation of the tiles. Renovation of the most damaged parts is urgent, removal of the tiles, cleaning and replacement of the tiles. Four openings in the roof of the chapel will provide a system to regulate the heat.


Requested amount: €14,000

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Special news

  • New ICBE President

    Abbot Primate Gregory Poland OSB has appointed Fr. Julian Maria Schaumlöffel, O.S.B., from Königsmünster Abbey in Meschede, Germany, as the new President of the International Commission on Benedictine Education. See more

  • Projects to be financed

    New projects: Constructions, Job, Development, Scholarships, Meetings.


    Newsletter of AIM-USA, Volume 29, N° 1.

  • Course of Monastic Formation 2020 postponed

    Along with our Easter greetings, we must unfortunately let you know that, on account of the situation that has arisen because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be able this year to hold the Course of Monastic Formation scheduled from August 31 to September 26, 2020.

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OSB News


It is with great joy that the community of Sant’Anselmo joins the monks of St. Martin’s Abbey in Lacey, Washington, USA, to announce the election of their ninth abbot, Abbot Marion Qui-Thac Nguyen. Since 2014, Abbot Marion has been a doctoral student in the Monastic Institute of the Pontifical University of Sant’Anselmo and a resident of the Collegio. osb.org, Lacey


Following the resignation of Dom David Tardif d'Hamonville for health reasons, the community of En-Calcat (France) elected on 15 July 2020 its 9th Abbot: Father Emmanuel Roques.

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Terrorist Attack on Missionary Benedictine Foundation in Northern Mozambique

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OCSO news


On July 23, 2020, at the end of the mandate of Dom Damian Carr, the community of Spencer (USA) elected Abbot Father Vincent Rogers for a six year term.

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Victoria-Kijonjo (Uganda)

On the occasion of the feastday of St. Benedict, the Abbey of Koningshoeven/Tilburg (NL) in cooperation with its Ugandan daughterhouse launches the online documentary film “The monks of Kijonjo”.

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On July 03, 2020, Brother Maria Emmanuel Kenechukwu Achugbu made solemn profession at the monastery of Nsugbe (Nigeria).

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OCIST news


The Chapter of the Congregation of Casamari met on July 23, 2020, under the presidency of the Vicar, Dom Ugo Tagni, to elect a successor to Abbot Eugenio Romagnuolo, who died prematurely.

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The Nuns leave the Monastery of Marienlof-Colen

Since 23 September 2019 the monastery of Colen has been affiliated with the monastery of Helfta (Germany), because the community consisted of only three elderly sisters.
The monastery was founded in the 15th century by the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross. 198 years ago, the Cistercian monk Jerome Minsart acquired the monastery and offered it to the Cistercian nuns of Belgium.

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