Burma (2012)

Benedictine Nuns of Shanti Nilayam Abbey
Shanti Nilayam/Kothanur  India
BANGALORE, Karnataka State

Financial help of the Burma foundation providing  a set of Host  making machine


BurmacarteWe are happy to inform you about our new foundation in Myanmar (Burma) on October 2011.

Srs. Mary Joseph and Clare have been the first members in their country to start their Monastic Contemplative life. Later Srs. Margaret and Lucia (Junior sisters) joined them. Sr.Iona arrived there on January 2012. At present Bishop Felix has given them their pastoral central to start Monastic life. So our sisters have started their monastic life with full zeal putting all their trust in God.  Started this new life in their country without anything.  Even now the maintenance of the community life is very difficult. Bishop is providing something what he could also our sisters family is providing them even with meal etc. in spite of their poverty, they are happy to give anything what they are able.

Sisters are happy to live their monastic life keeping up the Rule of St.Benedict, constitution  and tradition.  They sing the full Divine Office, Lectiona and manual labour, under the guide of Sr.Iona. Bishop is trying to get the extension of visa for Sr.Iona, so that she could stay with them at least for about a year. Bishop asked to start making host  for the whole diocese and it will help towards the maintenance of the community.

Coast: € 17.638

Requested amount: € 17.638

To help this project.


20 300-00020.99 1,00 St 4.120,00 0: €4.120,00
Hostbaking Iron Type HB-90-F
Baking Plates 376 mm ø, without designs.
Including electronic temperature control and accessories
For baking thin white hosts approx. 1.2 mm in thickness.
230 volt alternating current, 3200 watt
Approx. 30 host cakes (376 mm ø) per hour.

40 330-00000.99 1,00 St 950,00 0: € 950,00
2-dimensional engraving for HB-90-F
designs distributed all over the upper baking plate
No. 601-605, 701-705, 801-817
according to your choice.

50 310-00000.99 1,00 St 390,00 0: € 390,00
Paste Stirring Machine
TM-5, 230 volt,
1 phase, 60 Hz

305-00034.99 1,00 St 6.980,00 0: € 6.980,00
HBo-83 230 volts alternating current

120 306-00001.99 1,00 St 620,00 0 620,00
Borer for priests´ hosts 60 - 70 mm ø

130 320-00010.99 1,00 St 450,00 0: € 450,00
Humidifier Type DEF 505

140 306-00031.99 1,00 St 780,00 0: € 780,00
Borer for concelebration host 200mm ø

150 335-00003.00 1,00 x 380,00 0: € 380,00

+19.5%: € 2.878