Eruku (2012)

Annunciation Benedictine Monastery

Final professed:  6 (including 1 from Ewu-Ishan)
Simple prof.: 6
novices: 4
postulants: 2

For the construction of the monastery building


- The monastery is located in the forest of Eruku. Eruku is about 112 kilometers East of Ilorin, the State capital.

- Our main economic activity is farming.  We produce yams and cassava, and vegetables.  And we are raising a new banana/plantain plantation.  Our piggery is still under construction.  But we rely very heavily on benefactors for our daily needs since our farm output is on a very small scale at the moment.

- There is no power supply from the national energy (Power Holding Company of Nigeria PHCN) to the monastery.  Therefore the monks rely completely on their small generators for the few hours they can afford to have electric light - and that is mainly for prayers.

ErukumonastWe wish to apply for help to build an accommodation block of forty rooms.  At the moment some of our brothers are pairing in their rooms.  Therefore we cannot admit new members who want to join us until we can build a new block.

Cost estimate:
preliminaries: NGN 410 000
main building:
substructure: NGN 4 419 900
walling: NGN 2 021 400
roofing: NGN 3 073 150
doors: NGN 780 000
windows: NGN 1 280 000
mechanical inst.: NGN 400 000
electrical inst.: NGN 300 000
wall finish: NGN 1 922 000
floor finish: NGN 1 008 200
ceiling finish:  NGN 1 125 000
total: NGN 16 989 650
contingencies: NGN 250 000
Total:  NGN 16 989 650 or € 79704.

Requested amount:  € 79704.

To help this project.