Agua Viva (2012)

Agua Viva MonasteryAguamonast

Nuns: 4
Congregation "Regina Apostolorum"


to repair a shed for hosting groups


batimentWe hereby request the AIM financial assistance for the restoration of to host of local groups in our monastery.

Fr. Martin was here and saw "at place" the situation where we are receiving groups, now in a sorry state due to the harshness of our climate and humidity of equatorial zones, and termites that invade us.

We had a community meeting and saw the need to contact the leaders of several of our pastoral Prelature and invite them to see the monastery in order to resume the retreats and meetings. Already on October 9 this get in a makeshift way, a group of 30 children were being prepared for first communion.

But to shelter them, it has to become a more livable and welcoming place where we receive them. And as we are sending some photos in annex, you may perceive this need.


Renovation projects:

Bathrooms: putting floor tiles, ceiling and paintings.
: floor tiles, ceiling and painting.
: suspend, change the tiles, put floor.


Cost estimate: 

Shed metal structure  =  R$ 16 000.
Material and labor to repair bathrooms and kitchen = R$  1 967.54.
Paintings = local contribution.

Total = R$ 17 967, 54 ou € 7 888.

Recommended amount: € 8.000.

To help this project.