Monasterio de la Encarnación – PACHACAMAC – Peru
Request aid for the forestation project of the monastery

Fundado en el 1981 por Belmont (Inglaterra)
Transfered to PACHACAMAC
Lurin, LI MA 16   PERU
English Congregation

With the help of Bishop José Ramón Gurruchaga of Lurin, we have found a suitable site some 50 minutes south of Lima in the Lurin valley, near the ancient town of Pachacamac.  It looks a bit like Mount Sinai, a stark rocky mountain surrounding a small wood and fruit tree plantation.  There is a good water at10 metre, which means that we would have our own supply of drinking water, and electricity and telephone, are close by. A great advantage is that it is but 10 minutes from the parish church and curial offices, which means that we would never be asked to take on the added burden of a parish.  The Peruvian brethren want a simple monastic life.  

"we want to  present to AIM the request of the Community here at Pachacamac for further help plant trees on our property; ... the project elaborated by Fr. Luis and his team of agronomist at the Agricultural University of La Molina where he studied.
This is the first stage of forestation on the mountain surrounding the guesthouse and future monastery....
It will be an example to our neighbours of how to prevent land erosion and create natural and healthy environment..."

Requested amount:            €    10 348
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