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Actualidades OSB

  • RIP + Rt. Rev. Abbot Giles Hayes OSB
    Abbot Giles Hayes OSB, St. Mary's Abbey, NJ, died Wednesday, 7 March 2018. Besides being abbot, he had also served as headmaster at Delbarton School...
  • ABA Biennial Convention
    St. Benedict's Monastery, Minn., hosts the 2018 convention of the American Benedictine Academy. Read about it in the latest newsletter.
  • Manila Monks Elect
    The monks of the Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat elected, 21 February 2018, Fr. Austin Cadiz OSB, 44, as the eighth abbot.

Actualidades OCIST

Carta do Abade Geral para o Natal


Suppression de deux congrégations

Deux congrégations de l’Ordre, ne réunissant plus les conditions nécessaires à la formation d’une congrégation, ont été supprimées par décret du Saint-Siège.
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Actualidades OCSO