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Benedictine Nuns of the Abbey of St. Walburga (USA):

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Special news

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OCSO news

  • Laval

    On August 23, 2014, Sister Alice Courcier made solemn profession at the monastery of Laval (France).
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  • Tenshien

    On August 22, 2014, Sister Maria Rosaria Sato made solemn profession at the monastery of Tenshien (Japan).
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OCIST news

  • My Ca (Vietnam)

    Le Chapitre de la Congrégation cistercienne de l’Immaculée Conception ayant décidé l’érection du prieuré conventuel Notre-Dame de My Ca
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  • Synode 2014

    18e synode ordinaire de l'ordre cistercien Read more... Synode 2014