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Special news

  • Les Amis des Monastères

    La lettre des Amis des monastères du mois de décembre est en ligne. 
  • Nouveaux projets

    De nouveaux projets sont en ligne :
    Read more... Nouveaux projets  
  • Bulletin 107

    The Bulletin of AIM, n° 107. 

OSB news

OCSO news

  • Juigalpa

    On December 8, 2014, Sister Brenda Denices Parrales Bonilla made solemn profession at the monastery of Juigalpa (Nicaragua). Read more... Juigalpa  
  • Jacona

    On December 12, 2014 the Community of Virgen del Curutaran - Jacona (in the diocese of Zamora- Mexico), was raised to a Major Priory, in accordance with the decision of the General Chapter of Assisi 2014. Read more... Jacona  

OCIST news

  • Suppression of Two Congregations

    No longer possessing the necessary requirements to form a congregation, two congregations of the Order where suppressed by decree of the Holy See.
    Read more... Suppression of Two Congregations  
  • Dom Mauro

    On Friday, the 14th of November 2014, Dom Mauro Esteva Alsina, OCist died in the Abbey of Poblet (Spain). Read more... Dom Mauro