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Project 6628 - Eighth ICBE Symposium

Benet2019The International Commission on Benedictine Education is an organization of the Benedictine and Cistercian Orders that supports schools of Benedictine tradition. Education has always been an important element in the history of the Benedictines. The commission was founded by Benedictine Abbot Notker Wolf in 2002.

The Commission has several purposes:

• provide the necessary spiritual and human resources to promote an international network of cooperation between Benedictine schools;
• organize every three years an international symposium of the Benedictine network of educators;
• sponsor Benedictine international congresses for students;
• encourage cooperation and friendship between schools;
• develop sources of incomes, including an common fund, to support these projects and programs.

And so promote discussion on the Benedictine vision of education, facilitate the sharing of best training practices, develop Benedictine leadership in schools, maintain a database of Benedictine schools in the world, etc.

The eighth symposium will be held in Sydney, Australia, by Benedictine Sisters of the Good Samaritan, from September 30 to October 4, 2019. To allow delegates from Africa, Asia and Latin America to come, financial assistance would be needed.

Requested amount: € 10,000

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