VIETNAM - Monastery of Vinh Phuoc (OCist)

Project 6594 - Renovation of the student house at Ho-Chi-Minh City


The monastery of Vinh Phuoc was founded in 1972. The community comprises 40 solemnly professed sisters, 11 in temporary vows, 7 novices, 13 postulants and 15 aspirants.

VinhPhuocSaigonFor several years the communities of Vinh Phuoc, Phuoc Hai and Phuoc Thien have been sending their sisters to study theology at the inter-congregational Institute at Ho-Chi-Minh City. The student sisters live in a building belonging to the community of Vinh Phuoc, built in 2007 with the help of AIM. The place is used also for sessions open to various congregations. During the year the house is occupied by some 15 sisters in perpetual vows who follow the philosophical and theological studies of the school of theology in Ho-Chi-Minh City. The house serves also for a base for sisters who have business to do in the city.

Deterioration is visible on the building, notably on the grills of the windows which have rusted. One window has already fallen out. The repair of the windows will cost €10,000.


Requested amount: € 10,000

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